yes, this is the tiki mac. Need I say more?
spraying brown
Door Shell Front
Door Shell Inside
Door Shell Soaking
Shell cleaning 1
Shell cleaning 2
cleaned shell soaking
magic screwdriver
flat panel with stone
wal-mart bamboo!
home made tiki torches
palm placemat
applying palm 1
applying palm 2
applying palm 3
display back
applying tiki 1
applying tiki 2
display with lit tiki
display with lit tiki 2
Tiki Mac Display
gutting the G4
gutting the G4 2
evan working on palm trees
evan trees 2
evan trees 3
John heat curing
heat curing 2
heat curing 3
John Painting Case
shooting color 2
shooting color 3
shooting color 4
brown apple logo
wood paper applique
wood paper 2
this is glue, strong stuff...
Evan trimming paper
Evan Trimming 2
trimming 3
trimmed case
trimmed 2
trimmed 3
trimmed 4
bezel plastics
spraying brown 2
spraying brown 3
spraying brown 4
spraying brown 5
brown plastics
brown front bezel
mist machine box
fogger in action
painted case
decal film
decal film 2
decal film 3
printed decals
cutting board
trimmed decals
soaking decal
bottom two applied
all four applied
ocean and palm trees
Drying plastics
Drying Plastics 2
Drying plastics 3
Clear Coat
Heat Gun
Paint Sprayer
beach and palms
partially assembled front
More of the front
the front, up-ended
balsa covered front
balsa front 2
balsa front 3
staining the balsa
cutting the tiki god
tiki cutting 2
partially finished tiki god
Hula poster
water decal attachment
water decal 2
Lei on the bottom
stained tiki god
apple tiki masks
failed roof
failed roof 2
failed roof 3
failed roof 4
failed roof 5
attached tiki god
attached tiki god 2
lei on top
Beach side 1
palm side 2
Wood Side 1
display 2
display 3
display 4
Display 2
display 6
display 7
Beach side 2
Front 2
Wood Side 2
Back 2
tiki front finished
more palm side
more back
more wood side
lava tube in the dark
palm side 3
front close up
machine closeup
wood side 3
together 1
together 2
together 3
together 4
together 5
together 6
closeup of neon and switch