The Classic Flame iBook
So my Direct Dispatch tech has been nursing a clamshell iBook along all year. The damned thing was crumbling in his hands. It was pretty obvious he needed a new machine. But, we're a poor little Mac Shop, and machines dont grow on trees. But, we had someone trade in a 600MHz ibook. Perfect. We cleaned it up, gave it a hard drive and RAM, and then I decided at the last minute, to paint it. I raced home with the dumb thing, set up space heaters in my garage (it was freezing outside) and started spraying. 5 hours later, I was done. The unit was painted detail black, and flames were traced onto the masked case. the mask was cut and the cut away spaces were painted pearl yellow. then, the edges were detailed with an airbrush, spraying Sparklescent Mango orange. Then the mask was removed and the whole shebang was clear coated and pinstriped. The striping isnt the best, but I'll live with it since the rest of the thing looks spectacular. Apparently our boy has gotten lots of compliments on the laptop. I cant complain about that!
flame closed
flame bottom
Classic Flame iBook-3
Classic Flame iBook-4
flame open