Sam's iBook
Sam is our part time Shop Kid. We tend to pick on him and such, cause he needs it. And probably better from us than the kids at school. Anyway, somehow, he decided I was the coolest person he knew. (yeah, I dont get it either) So in a moment of kindness, I told him that if he got good grades, I'd mod his new iBook G4. Well, apparently I motivated him. He got excellent grades. So I ordered him some Gem Chameleon Jade (auto grade stuff, not the aerosol crap) and I shot his ibook all green/gold. I also threw in 2 detail black racing stripes. Once clearcoated, it got all super sparkly. He just about fell over when he saw it. but, then again, how many 15 year olds own hot rod laptops?
Sam's iBook-1
Sam's iBook-2
Sam's iBook-3
Sam's iBook-4
Sam's ibook-5
Sam's iBook-6
Sam's iBook-7
Sam's iBook-8
Sam's iBook-9
Sam and his iBook-1
Sam and his ibook-2